'Listen to Them': A Special Black History Month Podcast Series from the Inclusion & Marketing Podcast

Sonia Thompson, a black woman with twist extensions, is wearing red beats headphones, a green shirt, earrings, and is smiling. She is standing in the street which is blurred in the background

Black Talent and Consumers Share Their Real Life Stories and Perspectives on Working in Teams and Inclusive Marketing.

The series will conclude with a free live workshop event, February 22-24. You should attend to both process what you heard, ask questions, and get action steps you can start implementing immediately, based upon the insights shared in the episodes.

As a result, you'll be positioned to make more of the people you serve feel like they belong with you.


Ready to 'Listen to Them'?

Tune into the episodes in this special series below. The more people we have listening the better. So feel free to share with friends and colleagues, and to talk about what you heard on your social and professional networks and channels. Listening is a critical beginning step in making positive change.

Black Women Are Used to Being the Only Ones Like Them in a Room in Professional Settings. Here’s What it’s Like

Common Micro-aggressions Your Black Talent Encounters in the Workplace

This Is What a High-Performing Diverse Team Looks Like: According to Black Talent

Working With People Different From You Will Soon Be the Norm. Black Talent Share What You Need to Know to Make it Work

Are You Using Your Brand's Power for Good? Black Consumers Share How Marketing Impacts the Way Consumers Feel About Themselves

All Representation Isn't Created Equal: Black Consumers Share What Works for Them and What Doesn't

Black Consumers Share How Brands Can Earn Their Trust

Here's What We'll Cover in Each Session.

Register once, get access to attend all three workshops live. Replays will be available for all.

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How to Build a Company and Team Culture That is Fertile Ground for Diverse Talent to Thrive

Wednesday, February 22 at 12:00pm EST

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How to Earn the Loyalty of Underrepresented and Underserved Consumers

Thursday, February 23 at 12pm EST

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How to Build Experiences That Make Underrepresented and Underserved Consumers and Talent Feel Like They Belong

Friday, February 24 at 12:00pm EST

Your Workshop Leader, Sonia Thompson

I've got a lot of differences, that have often made me a frustrated consumer throughout my adult life. Some of those same differences also negatively impacted me when I worked in corporate. The good news is these personal experiences, along with positive experiences from brands who did focus on my unique needs, help frame my point of view about how (and how not) to make people feel like they belong.

Now, I'm an Inclusive Brand Coach, Strategist, and host of the Inclusion & Marketing podcast. I've educated hundreds of thousands of people on how to build an inclusive brand through my columns in Inc. and Forbes, keynoting conferences, training teams, working with clients, and through my content.

I'd love to share what I've learned over the past 20 years with you, along with insights I've gleaned from chatting with many people with differences like me along the way.

Sonia, a black woman has her hair up in a bun, is wearing a headset microphone, a black and white horizontally striped dress. She has a slide advancer in her hand, she's smiling as she's speaking, and is standing in front of a white backdrop with a gold accent that says "SHINE" on it

These workshops are for you if...

  • You lead a team and want to create an inclusive environment for everyone on your team
  • You work on a brand that has customers from underrepresented and underserved communities
  • You want to authentically engage more consumers from marginalized groups
  • You want to create an inclusive culture within your team and organization
  • You have the ability to influence a team dynamic, or products, services, and experiences that impact your customers. 
Sonia Thompson, a black woman wearing a ponytail, black jacket, black shirt, orange leggings with a black design, and black knee boots is on a stage in an auditorium addressing an attentive crowd


How to Get Marginalized Talent and Customers to Feel Like They Belong With You


Join me live, or catch the replays.